what we do

We believe, that everything we need, already exists.
For too long fast fashion has held the reigns in the wardrobes of the young and stylish. It's about damn time for vintage to take over forever.

Sustainability is complex, but here's what we do to make sure we minimize our impact:

We only sell vintage items, that are handpicked so we don't deal with overstock from bulk buying.

We strive to be a plastic-free company.
Sometimes there's plastic packaging sent to us in a shipment, we store this for re-use or recycle. We package our goods with paper, in paper boxes, add a paper card, close with paper tape and sugarcane stickers.

Most clothing items we sell are made of natural fibres, however, sometimes some synthetics sneak in, especially the cool 70s items tend to contain synthetic fibres. To avoid microplastics to come into the ocean when you wash these, we recommend washing these items in a Guppyfriend washingbag that captures them.

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