shop in store at Bilderdijkstraat 201, Amsterdam

we believe that

the future is vintage

we believe that

the future is vintage

about us

A girl can dream....

Rêveuse Vintage has been the one-stop-vintage-shop for all dreamers since 2019. What started out as a tiny instagram project on the side, quickly grew during the pandemic. Whilst the account grew I started to wonder: could I turn this into a real life shop?

Obviously my interest for vintage is not new, I even convinced my family I was going to open a vintage webshop in 2008 at the age of 14. The plan didn't make it then and I focussed on becoming a stylist instead, but the idea never really left my mind.

After working as a freelance stylist for five years for various titles, including Vogue and Glamour, my conscience brought me back to vintage in 2019. Instead of promoting advertisers and new clothing, I decided I'd rather focus my energy on making vintage and sustainability the hottest must-haves, and thus Rêveuse Vintage was born.

Taking a huge leap of faith in September 2020, I signed a lease on the tiny space at Bilderdijkstraat 201. With a few setbacks in the renovation of the space, I finally was able to open the store I always dreamt of as a teenager in November 2020.

Working with a strict curation of high quality vintage pieces, even those skeptical of second hand shopping will feel like it's easy and fun to make a sustainable choice. Instead of searching endlessly for the good stuff, all the stuff in store is the good stuff.

Working with an all-female group of creatives, we're slowly moving forward, expanding and connecting with local social enterprises, hoping to make a positive impact on multiple levels in the future.

- Anouk Océanne