The Dream Interview - Lotte Wierenga

THE DREAM INTERVIEW ~ a bi-monthly publication where we ask our favourite creatives what makes their world go round. This time: we invited creative mastermind

Lotte Wieringa aka Lot Du Jour

AGE: 24

HOBBIES: Too many too count. A hobby a day keeps the crazy doctor away!

FAVE COLOUR: Team pink
IMAGINARY STRIPPER NAME: Baby spice (but also life goals to dress like baby spice)

Lotte is one of those people who we have been following on instagram for ages before finally meeting and collaborating. Being as creative as she is, she makes everything from hand marbled prints, hair bows and cute illustrations to Christmas baubles. Being a mom to a Dahlia filled garden and an extensive collection of vintage knickknacks makes her even more dreamy.

Lotte's atelier, 2021

RV: Why do you love vintage?

LW: It’s because of vintage super stars like @anoukoceanne & @rubyredstone I become to love vintage and added more vintage items to my wardrobe. I think buying vintage/buying secondhand is so fun because it literally is like a treasure hunt but also a good way to find gems that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to afford. 

RV: Show us your favourite Rêveuse Vintage outfit:

LW: Not my most worn Rêveuse Vintage item but definitely my most special one! This dress is my lucky charm - I always feel like a lucky lady wearing it.

RV: How does your creative process go?

LW: Usually I see something *read anything* that sparks joy *in my eyes* and then I get obsessed with it and want to create something about or around it. 

RV: Show us your workspace:

RV: The adult-life must-have that you never imagined you needed

LW: A card holder. And i’m not talking about an actual postcard holder although that would also be great to have in my adult-life but having a cardholder makes me feel very well put together (and saves me awkward moments where i’m turning my pouch where I keep my receipts and things like shells or sugar bags in upside down not being able to find that one thing I need to purchase and then shoving it all back in the pouch again) and also a life saver because I wish I could be a casual boy who just keeps his cards in his pockets without losing them. And yes I am very much aware of the fact that you can pay with your phone now a days but I don’t have a password on my phone nor do I want to. 

RV: Fave song on a roadtrip

LW: Seabird by the Alessio brothers

RV: Scent that brings back a strong memory

LW: I’m not really a scent kinda gal. 

RV: What destination makes you feel at home?

LW: One of the luxury joys in my life is traveling. I really like going places but always on the first day arriving somewhere I have this thought where I think “ I want to go home”. I once went to a Reiki session and the lady told me that I carry around a feeling of homesickness. In my dream world I would have a bag where I can fit in all my loved ones, friends  and *important* things so that I would never have to miss them while traveling the world. But to answer your question, I feel most at home at home. A year ago I moved back in with my parents, who are living next to my grandparents and next to my auntie and uncle in Castricum, all on the same ground. It’s like one big gypsy family and I love it. 

RV: Outfit you'd wear to a gallery opening:

LW: I think this is what I would wear to a gallery opening, never without a lot du jour bow :) Vintage shorts and old lace from France top.

RV: Business advice you wish someone told you:

LW: Keep. Your. Receipts. In. Order. This is actually something that my accountant (An accountant is like an adult TREAT) tells me all the time but yet I always leave it to the last minute to organize them. I advise you to do better and do your receipts weekly. It will make your life so much easier. NOTE. TO. SELF.  

RV: What are you proud of?

LW: I’m proud of myself for sometimes being scared of something but not letting it stop me to achieve the things I want to achieve.

RV: What do you hope your life looks like in 10 years?

LW: I think that after the weird year we had we can all agree that life can’t be plannend and we don’t always have control over the events that happen in our lives. SoI don’t know what my life will look like in 10 years but I am very much excited to find out and enjoy the ride on the way. 

Zoe Diouf wearing a Lot Du Jour x Rêveuse Vintage Hairbow

RV: What would have to disappear to make the world a better place?

LW: At the moment snails that are eating my dahlia’s for dinner. They don’t have to disappear but maybe they could have a feast somewhere else.

RV: What artists inspire you?

LW: I really love the work of Maria Kalman. Her book “my favorite things” is my go to book to give as a present to friends. Everything she illustrates is filled with so much joy.  

RV: Show us the bag that holds your life together:

LW: If I only have 1 bag on me my friends say: “oh you are carrying light today!” My gucci bag is glued on to me and this panier I got in Sifnos has been my go-to luggage lately.

RV: Your house is on fire (all loved ones and animals are safe), what item do you grab on your way out that is super important to you?

LW: knock on wood this will NEVER happen.. and also I find this probably the worse dilemma there could be…..  but as much as I LOVE everything I own, and I know it probably makes me sound super artificial but I really do cherish everything I surround myself with from my books, to my clothes,  shoes, my jewelry,  weird items I find collecting, movie tickets and what not.. And I actually HATE it so much when something get’s lots… I would save from the fire the old pictures my opa has taken over the span of his life. My opa has and is still always taking pictures of everything that is happening in his life. There are dozen of pictures of my oma and him and my dad and uncle when they were young and I never get bored looking at them. These pictures are something I really treasure and are irreplaceable

RV: Which celebrity is a best-friend match for you and why?

LW: There’s this group of friends in London I follow on instagram..  Laura Jackson, Hannah rose from shrimps.. to name a few. Basically it’s this group of friends, all super talented, all super nice (I think), all super cool. And so fabulous!  I would love to be invited to their Sunday brunch and just sit, listen, and enjoy it like a reality show. Oh and Alexa Chung. I love Alexa Chung. Oh no and I want to be friend with Leandra Medine!!!! But Leandra and I have had a *conversation* over DM and I saw her and the twins walking in New York so basically we are BFF’s already. 

RV: Draw the Rêveuse Vintage storefront in no more than 10 mins:

LW: 2 minutes in…

LW: 4 minutes in…

LW: 3 Minutes left on the clock, nailed it.