The Dream Interview - Annemarie Kuus

THE DREAM INTERVIEW ~ a bi-monthly publication where we ask our favourite creatives what makes their world go round.

This time: photography's finest angelic creature Annemarie Kuus. Setting her first steps into the creative world as a model, she switched being the center of the image to creating images herself as a photographer. 

NAME: Annemarie

AGE: 24

HOBBIES: minigolf

FAVE COLOUR: green, blue

RV: Why do you love vintage?

AK: When I was 15 and started modelling, I travelled to different cities and that was actually the time I got introduced to vintage. It wasn’t really a thing back then where I came from. Since I was still starting as a model and didn’t have a lot of money, this was the best way to buy something cool, high quality and unique. I still have pieces from back then that I treasure so much. In my opinion the best souvenir to buy when you are in a new place.

RV: What's your favourite Rêveuse Vintage outfit?

AK: This blue suit from Rêveuse Vintage is absolutely amazing! Picture by Annemarie Kuus, the model is Malin Groeneveld via Nora Management, MUA David Koppelaar 

RV: How does your creative process go?

AK: That depends, for my own projects I usually see something or feel very strongly about something and will be sitting on that for a while, until something clicks and I know what to do with that feeling. And it always comes together very naturally. Once the overall idea is there, the rest follows. It helps to start with one idea or theme, it may change in the end but it’s nice to start with one idea so you don’t get distracted.

RV: Show us your workspace

AK: My workspace is different every time  

RV: What is the adult-life must-have that you never imagined you needed?

AK: A car. I always said that I never wanted a car, but during covid I avoided public transportation as much as possible, which made me feel very isolated. So, we bought a car and drove to France, which was so much fun and reminded me of all the family holidays as a kid. Now we’re planning our next trip to Italy, through the mountains. Maybe it’s cliché but it gives you so much freedom to go where ever you want.

RV: What is your fave song on a road trip?

AK: On road trips I always listen to the Parcels, on repeat. I did it once on a road trip in South Africa and now I’m reminded of all those fun memories when I listen to the Parcels.

Zoë Diouf shot by Annemarie Kuus for Rêveuse Vintage  

RV: What scent brings back a strong memory?

AK: My boyfriend has this perfume he used when we were in Cape Town, and now to this day every time he wears it, it reminds me of our time there. It smells soooo nice. I think it’s Guerlain. 

RV: What destination makes you feel at home?

AK:I don’t necessarily have one destination that makes me feel at home. It can be anywhere where I can wake up and have nice cup of coffee and go for a walk through a city or village.

RV: What outfit would you wear to a gallery opening?

AK: This! It's from a shoot I did. The whole outfit is vintage by the way.

RV: What's the business advice you wish someone told you?

AK: Don’t take it too personal, it’s business. I still sometimes take it too personal, but you live and you learn

RV: What are you proud of?

AK: I’m proud of my switch from modeling to photography, it’s not the easy way but it was the only way for me and I’m super happy I did it.

Zoë Diouf shot by Annemarie Kuus for Rêveuse Vintage  

RV: What do you hope your life looks like in 10 years?

AK: Oh who knows, so far away still. So much can happen in just one year. But I hope me and my loved ones are still healthy and happy. By that time I will be 34, so hopefully will have lived or still live abroad (NYC, Paris, who knows) and I’m still working hard and doing something that I love.

RV: What's your current favourite work you've made?

AK: This one from my collaboration with Jip Boxstart and Renaissance Renaissance. It was a charity project and we raised money for Beirut by selling these pictures, all styled with Renaissance Renaissance clothing (also from Beirut).

RV: What would have to disappear to make the world a better place?

AK: I could name a few people that have made this world very f*cked up last year. But thinking more about this, I think I would have to say materialism. This way the big industry will have to tone down and people will appreciate more what they have. But also, climate change, racism, inequality, I could go on and on. 

RV: What artists inspire you?

AK: Not necessarily artists  People who are standing up for change inspire me. People that go out of their way to commit their life to make other people’s lives better. I think we can all learn from people like that. 

RV: Show us the bag that holds your life together:

AK: My Bimba Y Lola Bag

RV: Your house is on fire (all loved ones and animals are safe), what item do you grab on your way out that is super important to you?

AK: My film negatives. All my work and memories from the last few years are in there. 

RV: I'm going to ask you to very quickly draw the Rêveuse Vintage storefront in less than 10 minutes, just because this seemed a fun way to end the interview.