The Dream Interview - Nina Eva Davies

Nina Eva Davies in her studio wearing Rêveuse Vintage

Introducing: THE DREAM INTERVIEW ~ a bi-monthly publication where we ask our favourite creatives what makes their world go round. Kicking off the first of these interviews:

Nina Eva Davies

AGE: 30
HOBBIES: scavenging outside & online
FAVE COLOUR: today I would say; blue

Dream away with artist Nina Eva Davies. Nina worked for Rêveuse as an artist, model, and even jumping in to do some in-store duty when needed.  Upon meeting Nina for the first time she's an enigma; being both insanely talented and insanely beautiful seeing beyond the pleats of her signature full Issey Miyake look isn't easy at first. We've asked her some questions so you can get to know her better. Discovering she's a devoted Grimes fan and geeky gamer makes her persona even more intriguing.

With a background in art, Nina worked at a magazine and in the beauty and fashion industry for a couple of years. In 2020 she decided to do what she spent those years dreaming of: painting fulltime.

By Nina Eva Davies for Rêveuse Vintage, 2021

RV: What is your creative process like?

NED: I take inspiration from everyday life and take pictures daily of friends/family/surroundings, I work from this for reference. Ive always had an interest in figurative paintings but I remember in art school no one was doing that and they made it look like it was so outdated. I’ve been following female artists like Chloe Wise, Ania Hobson and Vanessa Garwood for a couple of years and it's inspiring to me that in this world there is a place for contemporary figurative (female) artists.

I am strict about my creative routine. I need to go to bed early so I can get up early, then do some exercise like running, pilates or yoga. Drink one cup of coffee. And then Im ready to go into my studio and make some sketches or start painting right away. Once im painting I can do it for hours in one go and I won’t finish before im somewhat pleased with what I see. Im painting with oil paint and after a day of painting I let it dry for one night and then continue the next day, the paint then sits nicely on top of the canvas. 

Nina Eva Davies Studio

RV: What do you hope your life looks like in 10 years?

NED: I will still be making art, but maybe in a different part of the world

RV: What destination makes you feel at home?

NED: Seoul. I lived there over the course of two years, still miss it 

Rêveuse Vintage Storefront by Nina Eva Davies, 2021
By Nina Eva Davies for Rêveuse Vintage, 2021

RV: What would have to disappear to make the world a better place?

NED: money :))))

RV: Show us your workspace:

Nina Eva Davies Studio
NED: One part of the room is ‘clean’(ish) the other part is an explosion of paint tubes, messy things

RV: Your house is on fire (all loved ones and animals are safe), what item do you grab on your way out that is super important to you?

NED: I think my Nintendo Switch hihi

RV: The adult-life must-have that you never imagined you needed

NED: a car

RV: Fave song on a roadtrip

NED: Limerence - Yves Tumor

Nina Eva Davies in her painting studio for Rêveuse Vintage

RV: What are you proud of?

NED: Last year’s decision (2020) to focus one hundred percent on making art

RV: Business advice you wish someone told you:

NED: Hmmm, just do it

RV: Show us an outfit you'd wear to a gallery opening:

Nina Eva Davies wearing Issey Miyake and Maryam Nassir Zadeh
NED: Vintage Issey Miyake Pleats Please turtleneck + pants - Maryam Nassir Zadeh Olympia wedges

RV: What is your favourite painting so far?

Nina Eva Davies, 2021
NED: Its one of my favourite paintings - legs of my bff Mary and me when we where 17

RV: Which celebrity is a best-friend match for you and why?

NED: Grimes, I can’t explain why because I would feel like a creep if I told you.

RV: What artists inspire you?

NED: Grimes, Alice Neel, Lucian Freud, Luc Tuymans, I'm now very into the work of Salman Toor and of course renaissance painters like Caravaggio

RV: show us your favorite @reveuse.vintage outfit

Nina Eva Davies wearing Rêveuse Vintage
NED: This! A white cotton crop top, the perfect denim and a 100% wool vest.

RV: Why do you love vintage?

NED: I find the quality of the fabrics usually much better. When you think of it, buying vintage is a pretty good deal because of the better quality you can wear it much longer = better for the environment too.

RV: Show us the bag that holds your life together:

Nina Eva Davies Bag
NED: A mini bucket bag I bought in Seoul, its been off and on in my life and fits virtually nothing but I don’t mind

RV: draw the Rêveuse Vintage storefront in no more than 10 mins:

Rêveuse Vintage Storefront by Nina Eva Davies
NED: I even finished it in 10 seconds!!